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Modifying Hammond L100

UPDATED: 27.01.2016 (added a YouTube video in the KZ vibrato mod section).

In 1960 Hammond released new spinets L100 and M100. There are many differences between those two. While M100 is similar to A100/B3/C3, L100 is not. With the latter, it would be virtually impossible to sound like Jimmy Smith or Deep Purple.

However, if you own L-series Hammond, and you are not happy with the way it sounds, there are a few tricks that could transform your L100 into a totally new spinet. More than that, if you are lucky and have around 100 in your pocket, you could end up with an organ superior to M100.

There are six tasks in front of you. Four of them are really simple and require very little knowledge. The other two are not. One is time consuming, the other requires tech skills and some electronic knowledge.

This is the list of six changes to be done in your L100:





Line Out




You will need a soldering iron, solder and some coloured wires as well as some other parts that are specific to each task.

There are also various modifications made by Kon Zissis available in KZ mods section. I highly recommend reading the whole section as the modifications are extremely interesting. Descriptions are followed by instructions (what to do).

Good luck with modifying your Hammond!


Please note: There are lethal voltages inside Hammond organ. You should always perform any tasks with the organ disconnected from the mains! I do not take any responsibility if you injure yourself or damage the organ.